EFA (pronounced `e-va’) means “life”

EFA-Africa is a Non-Profit Organisation that works to ensure meaningful care for girls, women and families in Africa who suffer as a result of endometriosis.

“Just because we don’t die…

does not mean its not killing us…”

“Suffering in silence is not an unfamiliar concept to black women. We are taught above all else to be strong. Historically and presently our strength has been a necessity for survival. In being strong for ourselves, for everyone else, too many black women are walking through life unhealed.”


Endometriosis is a medical condition that causes abnormal growths in the reproductive system of women. One in ten women have this condition.

This results in unnecessary suffering that is often crippling to women, yet it is almost completely ignored and untreated in Africa.

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Helping women end suffering

“The disease often has a crippling effect on a woman’s life, but it is not recognised by society in general (or many healthcare professionals) because it does not cause visible handicaps. In addition, endometriosis is shrouded in a cloud of taboos regarding menstruation, sexuality, infertility and pain – particularly in the developing world.”

- Prof D’Hoodge

One in 10 Women suffer

It is estimated that one in 10 women suffer from endometriosis during their reproductive years

From a disease that they cannot speak about

The disease is associated with reproductive cycles of women, and therefore – because of cultural and religious practices – often a taboo subject.

Yet the disease cripples them

The disease often has a crippling effect on a woman’s life, leading to infertility, mental and social anguish, and disadvantage in their professional lives.

And disrupt their family’s lives

Endometriosis severely affects family life. It affects the educational and economic opportunities of women. It leaves women scarred and stigmatized, even in their own families.


Endometriosis cannot be cured. BUT with affordable care and management, affected women CAN live normal lives.

The Vision of EFA-Africa is to reach a place where African women and their families’s lives are not disturbed by the avoidable suffering caused by endometriosis.

We work to achieve the following Objectives:

  • To Improve Knowledge

    To raise awareness & improve knowledge of the prevalence and the management of endometriosis in Africa. 

  • To Improve Education

    To improve societies’s understanding of, and support for women suffering from endometriosis.

  • To Influence Policy

    To influence Governments’ policy in Africa on the management of endometriosis.

Millennium Development Goals - Target 5.B:

Achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health